Hello there!

As a designer, I believe in communication & collaboration. Without the two, the project wouldn’t have the same end result. Every design not only needs an aesthetic look, but it needs reasoning along the way. 

The following brands I worked on: University of South Florida, Michigan State University, Villanova, Notre Dame University, New England College, ProductionHub, Darden, Olive Garden, Unum, and Colonial Life. 
Besides design, here's some personal facts. One day I'll own a dog, but till then I'm obsessed with corgis. On my spare time, I play on my PS5 - currently playing Cyberpunk 2077 & Fallout 4. Overall, just a chill person that enjoys eating pizza & watching Netflix.

Let’s connect & tackle a new project together!
(386) 237-1861 or zverevalizdesign@gmail.com
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